14 July 2010

Beer and Miss Austen - The Summer Edition

In a recent conversation with another Janeite that enjoys beer (shock - are there more than two of us??), the question came up - what beer goes best with what book?
I have several beer prejudices: 1) I learned to drink beer when I lived in Great Britain just as I turned 30, not at keggers in high school, so I am a huge fan of stouts and porters. I mean what goes best when it's dark outside at 3:45pm? Guinness, of course. 2) That said, I live in a tropical climate now and stouts and porters have their time (our 6 weeks of winter), but the rest of the time it's hot and humid in the gulf coast (and sometimes covered in oil... damn you BP), so I turn to lagers and pils and almost anything from the Czech Republic. I've also decided that beers that come from hot places make nice beers here in the 46 weeks of summer - so Presidente from the Dominican Republic or Estrella Damm from Spain make nice summer enjoyment.

I have often been know to have a beer while reading Miss Austen's works, so here are my thoughts on what works well for me with each novel. I imagine that during the winter, my tastes would change - somewhat. 

Sense and Sensibility - something fresh and crisp - Stella Artois

Pride and Prejudice - something light, easy, and familiar - Warsteiner would work well here.

Mansfield Park - I think only an ale would do for this book which I was late to really understand, but now enjoy greatly - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Emma - Probably my least favorite heroine (see here and here), but one of my favorite beers - Lagunitas Pils

Persuasion -  My favorite book - the one that breaks my heart every time and then puts it back together - Staropramen (from Prague - an absolute favorite)

Northanger Abbey - Light, bubbly, fun ... and a little gothic mystery too with my new favorite beer - Victory Prima Pils

Beer and Miss Austen - a good combination

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  1. Here here! Nicely said. Being a huge IPA girl myself (I do not living in such a hot climate), my selections are a bit heavier, but next time I'm in the Caribbean rereading all of Austen I will definitely explore your selections.


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