22 February 2011

Erlicheer, Itzim, N. Pseudonarcissus, Nony

New daffs blooming in the garden this week. 

Erlicheer - 4 W-Y
Double white, 2-15 florets per stem, exceptionally fragrant

Itzim - 6 Y-R
Early midseason blooms, good for containers,
reflexed petals. long lasting flowers

N. Pseudonarcissus - 13 Y-Y
Late February
1570 (historic)
Pale yellow petals, golden trumpet, twisted foliage
is bluish-green. Daffodill immortalized by Woodsworth, 
known as Lent Lily and Trumpet Flower

Guess I need to re-letter this stone.
Nony - 8 W-Y
White flowers with pale yellow cups, medium
height, light fragrance

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