14 March 2011

Victory Prima Pils

I found this beer at the 2010 BAM Fest (Beer, Art, Music) at the Bridge Bar in Gulf Breeze. I had never had anything from Victory before that time and just finding this pilsner was worth the cost of admission to BAM. I hope they will hold the festival again this year - need to call and find out.
Victory Prima Pils - it's just so clean and so refreshing. I can't get enough, but what's great is that now my local grocery store carries it. Craft beer seems really to be making it mainstream - a lovely thought indeed. 

From Victory: Though we'd been through a few (pilsners) in our years with other breweries finally, with the choicest, freshest European hops and the finest German malts, we had achieved what we'd sought for so long Prima... an exclamation of our Victory.

Heaps of hops take the stage as elegant German malt supports this classy quencher beautifully. Grand Champion Pilsner - US Beer Tasting Championship '02 - '05 Approx. 5.3% a.b.v.

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