26 February 2010

March Can Jam - Alliums? interesting... hmm.

Alliums ... 

allium |ˈalēəm|noun ( pl. -ums)a bulbous plant of a genus that includes the onion and its relatives (e.g., garlic, leek, and chives). • Genus Allium, family Liliaceae (or Alliaceae).ORIGIN early 19th cent.: Latin, literally ‘garlic.’
well, not much for that - though I have made pickled garlic before. I do like all alliums - some more than others, so perhaps I'll try to use one I've never used before, but that's likely to be difficult - what haven't I used? Research is in order. I realize nothing is growing out there right now, but ... well not really, I have a few onions growing in the back garden - just like those pictured here. I may not use them because  - well, I've had them before. 
It's time to break out the books and see what I can come up with. Fingers crossed.

Pic: scallions from my garden last summer. Grown from the root end of scallions purchased from the store - cool. Now that's some recycling. 

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