19 July 2010

Everything Austen II - addition #2

I'm getting the idea that I shall keep adding to this list ad infinitum - but what the hell. I knew six  nor seven would never be enough so I'm adding to it today and can't wait to start. 

8: Lost in Austen. I've wanted to watch this for ages, but finally, it's on the way. 

9: First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice. By a talented author with a real take on Austen. I'll enjoy sharing this because I think it's just (to use that quaint work I picked up living in England), lovely. Comments forthcoming. Great job Alexa!

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  1. My list has grown to gigantic proportions in the last week or so in fact, I have added two things to it since I started reading your blog a few minutes ago! Lost in Austen is on my list - I have watched two of them so far.


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