01 February 2011

First of the Month - February edition

Oak - 1 February 2011
It is a dark and stormy night, no really, it is. Photos were taken at 5:30pm and it was almost dark then  with temperature of 66 and humidity of 68% and a tornado watch until 8:00pm tonight. There is a line of thunderstorms moving through the area. This is the same storm that is dumping snow everywhere else in the US. The winds have been up as high as 64 knots with a couple gusts higher than that. By 6:30pm the rain was in torrents, sheets of rain, cascades of the last hanging on leaves oh, and thunder and lightening and an power outage. I should know - I was out in it for an afterwork meeting.  So, now -- on with the extremely wet 1st of February 2011 pictures.
Bald Cypress - 1 February 2011
River Birch #1 - 1 February 2011

River Birch #2 - 1 February 2011
Wisteria - 2 February 2011

Camellia - 2 February 2011
How did I forget you in January?
7:08pm Weather Update - Line of storms has moved through. Just rain now with occasionally lightening and thunder. Temperature is dropping now - is supposed to be colder tomorrow with more wind. Ah, winter in the Gulf Coast.
11:22pm Weather Update - 4,200 people out of power. Not surprising - though this is no fault of Gulf Power, they do an amazing job, but this was a heck of a storm.

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