04 February 2011

Recipe Wrap up - 4 February 2011

Yikes - this was one of those weeks where I had to filter out lots of recipes -- Sunday is the Super Bowl (Packers vs. Steelers) and the recipes for "party" food are abundant. That said, since I'm not into wings and reluctant to try too many strange dips, I may be surprisingly bereft of new items for this week. Well, Valentine's - the next food "holiday" -  is just around the corner. Let's see how we do. 
Peach Glazed Meatballs - From Coconut & Lime - These look interesting, but I might use apricot instead of peach. I like the sweet/savory aspect and as I have to make everything ahead of time (thank you crochet class), this should work well in the slow cooker (which I rarely use). 
Stuffed Jalapenos
Baked Stuffed Jalapenos - From Simply Recipes - I've never felt like making jalapeno poppers, but this recipe -- the one w/the cream cheese and jack cheese has gotten me over my hesitation and I know the MotH will like these -- perhaps the Boy will try as well. I can have them prepped and ready to bake when I get home.

Goat Cheese Mozzarella and Fresh Herb Foccacia - I've looked a foccacia after foccacia recipe, but this is the most inspiring thing I've ever seen in the bread world. I will have to get past my ridiculous fear of yeast and make this. Bakingobsession.com is wonderful.

Apple Pate de Fruit This site is so unbelievable beautiful, I'm not sure
Pate de Fruit
 what to do. I have always wanted to try to make Pate de Fruit, but ... it's rather daunting. That said, it's going on my list of things to do. Okay, beating this to death, so beautiful. 
Pork & Lemon Polpettine Meatballs - What's up w/me and meatballs? Serious Eats is a favorite site for food reading. They keep me up on the new and what's happening in the food world, but I am finding more and more often that they have astounding recipes -- like this one - can't wait.
Potato Skins - Finally a recipe that looks great. Thank you Kitchen Daily for a great idea. I may make a few adjustments - esp. since tomatoes are not ready yet, but what about sun-dried tomatoes in this recipe. I'll also make a note to make this in the summer when my own tomatoes are ready. 

So.over.wings. Bring on the game - I just want the commercials. 

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