06 March 2011

First of the Month - March Edition (almost)

Oak - 6 March 2011
Well, it's just been a dismal March so far - until today. I guess it means that spring is here when the lines of storms start to come our way from the west. Unfortunately, there have been tornados in parts of the south, which almost always means someone dies. I hate hate hate tornados - they scare me more than any other weather thing - hurricanes no problem, but tornados - hate them. 
I just keep thinking that spring is here, that said, the high today was 53˚but I can hear the cardinals chirping as they pig out at the bird feeder and that's good enough for me .... so far. 

Bald Cypress - 6 March 2011

River Birch 6 Mar 2011
Realizing that this is the 6th and not the 1st, this isn't quite right, but I couldn't make it through the rain and then the cold and the wind - what the heck - like a tropical storm - but it appears that's over - just in time to go back to work. Woo.
River Birch #2 - 6 Mar 2011
I'm sure to someone up north, I'd sound like a lame-o, but you know, it should be warm by now. I'm sure this has something to do with me gloating (just a bit) to the Verizon tech that helped me this week. She innocently asked me "How's the weather in Florida?" and I went on about how we'd been wearing shorts for two weeks and eating at outdoor restaurants on the water. She in Utah. Oops. Well, it does get humid here and we have gators (at least that made her feel better). 
When are things going to get going in the backyard? It's driving me nuts. Come on. Get going. Um, now. 
Wisteria - 6 Mar 2011
Camellia - 6 Mar 2011