18 May 2012

Taking a little trip ...

We're so over New Orleans. Don't get me wrong, we love it there - it's a magical place, but we thought about exploring a part of Louisiana that we have not spend so much time in. We're going to cajun country - where the real cajuns live. I have plans to sample boudin from many small local producers and check out the natural beauty of the place. So we're going to spend our time in Acadiana. We've only ever been there once - to bug out because of hurricane - not ideal pleasure visit when you're worried about if you'll have a home to return to ... 

Expect to see posts on the area, the music, the beer, and the food. 

15 May 2012

Check out my new site

It's my new site for all the words I care to read. I hope you enjoy it. 

13 May 2012

Bayou Teche Brewery

We made some new friends this weekend which was really by accident, but very fortuitous. We have plans to go to Acadiana (Louisiana)  for my birthday trip - I was offered a present or a trip and mostly I choose trips to be with MotH* and away from work. Well, MotH found out about a brewery in the area - Bayou Teche Brewery - so we decide to see if there was any beer from their brewery anywhere around here - guess what, it was at *shock* Wisteria. So we went there Friday night and I'll be damned if two of the brothers from the Bayou Teche Brewery came by - damn skippy. We had a great chat and explained our boudin trip to that area and they had great ideas and we were told to get in contact as we get there next week. It was excellent meeting locals. They have the low down on where to go and what to eat. 
Now you have to understand the Wisteria. It's a bar in a totally residential section of town, but since it's been a store since before the time of Moses, it's allowed to still be a bar - the grandfather clause is a wonderful thing.  Well, we like it. And it's homey. So ... 
This whole thing started with a Garden & Gun magazine article that just got inside my head. It's like the Mississippi Tamale Trail (do your homework people), but even closer to home. And boudin is created in an area that we've been in before, but only because we were bugging out because of Hurricane Dennis (which was slightly meh compared to Hurricane Ivan which we didn't bug out for ... you pick your battles, don't you?)
It was great fun to hook up with Dorsey and Byron Knott with our friends Lindsey and Carey from Pensacola Bay Brewery - yes, our favorite place to be in town.  Can't wait to see Dorsey, Byron, and their brother Karlos, the brewmaster, this week. Really great people in a part of LA that we really like and want to get to know better. More details to follow. Let the hunt for the best boudin begin. 

*Man of the House - watch Quiet Man, you'll get it. 

Herb Gardens

I planted large planters of herbs this year - it was much easier than moving something to make room in the current herb garden. Here they are when they were first planted.
Sweet Basil and Flat Leaf Italian Parsley

German Thyme,  Common Sage, and Fernleaf Dill

And here they are just two short weeks later. Guess they like where they live and the water they have been given. 
Sweet Basil and Flat Leaf Parsley

German Thyme, Common Sage, & Fernleaf Dill
I have one more planter to set up which I did this weekend. And we'll see how it progresses. I expect good things. Oh, and the garlic chives that are in the garden bed are just about wild. They kind of look like long grass until they bloom. Lovely purple flowers.