12 January 2013

Wait, what the hell?

My cooktop/oven has inexplicably gone into Sabbath mode - WTH?
This is derailing my serious cooking plans for the weekend. I had my spinach and artichoke stuffed shells ready and the oven was heating to 350 degrees when it all went pear-shaped. Bugger. 
We have it off now - supposedly for 72 hours - is the Sabbath that long? Really?  Hopefully, all sanity will be returned, but until then I'll be going to the MotH's* mom's house to finish off my plans for weekend cooking - I mean, don't mess with a girl that wants to make America's Test Kitchen Butterscotch Cookies - please. 
If this is the best the oven can do, well, I'm not impressed. 
But I am annoyed. 
Perhaps mimosas at brunch at Jaco's tomorrow will help. 

*Man of the House (see Quiet Man)