10 March 2010

Sweet Home Farm

Last Friday was perfect - totally perfect - in every possible way. MotH and I took the day off and went to Sweet Home Farm and then to lunch at one of our favorite places - for the first time since the fall - the Oar House. I spent more than my share of cheese allowance for certain $33.97 at Sweet Home Farm.
Cajun Spice - $3.48, 1/4 pound
Garlic Gouda - $3.48, 1/4 pound
Baldwin - $6.37, 1/2 pound
Perdido - $4.48, 1/4 pound
Aged Jubilee - $7.52, 1/4 pound (new to me)
Gouda - $6.27, 1/2 pound
$2.37 to the State of Alabama - wait, what?? Alabama charges sales tax on food? You've so got to be kidding me - WTH?
We had to go to SWF on a Friday - they are too busy on Saturday and you can't get in and I'm impatient - I'm not interested in lining up. That said, I still had to put up with people who had no clue what they wanted - tourists ... SHF should have one side of the counter for the clueless and the other side for those how know they are going to get a half pound of Baldwin no matter what ...

Licenses plates in the parking lot: AL, IL, MI, FL

Rosemary Carrots Update - Can Jam Review

Well, we tried them. Nope - not so much. They taste, well, like rosemary carrots, but there's no real spark to them and because they were processed - which it totally necessary I completely understand, they are a little soft.

It probably didn't help that we tried them at the same time we tried the Firecrackers. But I even had a problem there - not hot enough. I'm hoping that in another week they will have a little more going on.

I was concerned, to be sure, about carrots. But you never know until you try...

09 March 2010

Food Network

I try to give new Food Network shows a try -- if they don't seem too stupid (I'm talking to you, Guy Fieri)* - or at least maybe they are new to me. You never know, right? So when I saw Mexican Made Easy, I thought okay, let's try it - We love Mexican food, real Mexican - not that greasy stuff you get a mediocre Mexican places - blech. 
Where does Food Network get these people? I know there are contests (next food network loser star - again, Guy, I think I'm talking to you), but come on. Marcela Valladolid is as bad as Giada but with worse ideas - stop with the accent - please you just seem, well, silly.  I un-TiVo'd the show after an episode for the card-company created holiday** was entitled "Cuddle Cuisine." I think I got a little bit sick. Barf. So much for that... another in a myriad of Food Network shows that will be ignored. Can't they come up w/anything good? Sigh - I guess it's just AB again. 

* I'm thinking we must worship at the altar of Food Network Humor.
** Valentine's Day for those of you who think it's real and that he really loves you because he manages to take you out to dinner one time a year... weak. 

Finishing Salts

Ordered a sampler of finishing salts from The Meadow. I like the idea of a sampler so I can
1 - see if this is just silly
2 - get a sense if a finishing salt can really make a difference in dishes.

Not only are they lovely to look at, they came with a very detailed description booklet that I've read and re-read and highlighted key topics for each salt. Hopefully, the highlighting will help make decisions when I get my nerve up to ruin enhance the flavor of my dishes.
As an aside, Good Eats last night was The Ballad of Salty and Sweet and AB profiled different finishing salts. I realize it's a trend, but I've always been a little fascinated by salt - I mean Romans were paid in the stuff for the love of Pete (who is Pete exactly, anyway?).

Salts in the sampler include:
Fleur de Sel de Guerande (France)
The Meadow Sel Gris (China)
Maldon (England)
Turkish Black Pyramid (unclear, the Mediterranean, but I'm assuming off the coast of Turkey somewhere)
Alaea Volcanic (Hawaii)
Kauai Guava Smoked (Hawaii)
(in spiffy new jars)

I think I would like to go to The Meadow in person - they specialize in salt - chocolate - wine - flowers. I think I could be happy there - not that I'm a huge chocolate fan, but perhaps I would enjoy it more if I got some REALLY good chocolate. Too bad The Meadow is in Portland Oregon - doesn't the Pacific Northwest have enough cool stuff that the rest of the country could just steal a few things from them? That said, The Meadow did send a piece of chocolate as a thank you - Santander Columbian single origin semi-dark chocolate 53% cacao. It's happily stored in the fridge - one day I may get around to trying it. I'll be going back to The Meadow.