30 June 2012

It's a Cracker Challenge - no, that's not racist, really...

It's hot outside and I feel like staying in the air conditioning and baking. So I thought crackers (for the cracker - it's just a north west Florida thing) would be a good idea. I started looking thorough my cracker binder for a few recipes to try (yes, I have a binder dedicated to crackers - get over it). I settled on five. They are: Cheddar-Cayenne Coins - 1st made 13 Dec 2008; Bleu Cheese Shortbread - 1st made 1 August 2003; Rosemary Cheese Bites - 1st made, um today; Parmesan Rosemary and Walnut Shortbread - 1st made 14 May 2006 on Mom's Day*;  Parmesan Rosemary Icebox Crackers  - 1st made, um today too. 
So today I made all five doughs and now have them in the fridge and I'm damn tired (also made stuffed plum tomatoes). 
Tomorrow is the Cracker Challenge. 
So noting the quantity of cheese in the above recipes, I grated lots o' cheese. and unfortunately, I also grated my thumb as well - crap-tacular. I needed one of those finger condoms that the people who compete on cooking challenge shows get - where do I find those? My fix, inelegant as it was, was a paper towel wrapped around my thumb. It's the tinniest** of cuts about the size of a grain of arboiro rice - tiny, but it bled like a ... you know what. 
So it's summer and I seem to roast tomatoes in one way or another every weekend. This weekend, as last weekend, it's roasted plum tomatoes with fresh bread crumbs, garlic, parsley (from the garden) and bleu cheese. It takes relatively crappy tomatoes and makes them sublime. 
I went to Bailey's today and got some jewel-like yellow and red grape tomatoes in preparation for the 4th of July.
I'm working on a menu for the 4th of July - California French Bread - evil itself, but so very stupidly good. Corn cakes with something on top - not sure about the something, but I'm thinking avocado w/lime and sour cream. And then those beautiful tomatoes w/ scallions, basil (from the garden) and a vinaigrette. Still thinking. 
Photos to come... ]

* totally made up holiday for card companies - just saying. 
** I had no idea tinniest was spelled that way - who knew?