12 May 2012

In the Garden

Just a few pictures of what's happening in the garden now. We're getting a line of storms coming through tonight so these flowers won't be looking so hot in the morning. 

09 May 2012

Timing in Recipes

Who knew such a food battle was brewing on recipe writers and their untruths. Not I. That said, one of the few things I ever look at in a recipe is how long, because it doesn't matter. It will take as long as it takes ... I enjoy being in the kitchen so if I get to be there longer to make good* food, so much the better.

* Good food being the key here ... 

And here is a good response.... from Chow - one of my favorite sites. 

06 May 2012

6th of May - Sundays can be great!

Straight No Chaser - yeah!
Spending my Sunday afternoon cooking so I won't have so much to do on week nights. But my evening will be great fun as the MotH* has tickets to one of my favorite groups - Straight No Chaser!! Too exciting. So now am making spinach mushroom quiche and from scratch Ranch dressing and listening to Jimmy Buffet - Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes and then Son of a Son of a Sailor .
Son of a Son ...

Plan to have dinner at HopJacks with great pizza and cheap beer (since it's half price Sunday). And all of this following an excellent brunch at Jaco's - on the water - lovely.

*Man of the House
Carib Lager