15 August 2009

In deciding to do this (writing online, that is), I wonder what was my motivation. Mainly, it was to record with pictures what I'm experimenting with in the kitchen and in the garden. Would rather not have anyone else read this, so need to figure out how to do that. But with the upcoming kitchen remodel, there will certainly be plenty to comment on as we go through this process and this might* help me get into a better habit of writing on a more regular basis. Will have to sort out the pictures - not to worry - MotH will help. 

If nothing else, this isn't as gay as a facebook page (people, please move beyond elementary school, "Will you be my fwend?"). Facebook has been compared to an online reunion  ... just remember high school was one of two things: 1. high school sucked and who wants to remember that - or 2. high school was the best time in your life - therefore, I pity you.  

*or might not