16 September 2009

Attention Retirees: Get out of Sam's Club

A little off topic, but you know I don't care  - wait - this is my blog thing so everything is on topic if I want it to be.

To: Retired People
From: Working Stiffs

Stay the hell out of Sam's Club on  the weekend. Go to Sam's during the week ____ the damn work week. You know when the rest of us are ... um ... working ... putting aside money for your retired-ness.

I would just once like to go to Sam's to get the few usual things we get there p'towels, peanut butter, milk (oh, and beer) with out you sloth-like creatures in the way. Stop snacking at every applewood-smoked bacon station - by the way, I love applewood-smoked bacon - come on Maverick Farms show some love.

Retirees, you are slow and obviously have plenty of time to waste and stop at every food trough and get in my damn way.

Next:  List of things I will never do when I get old.

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