10 November 2009

Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival - Review

I'm a huge fan of the GGCAF . We've been every year since we moved here excepting the year it didn't happen because of the hurricane. This year we went on Sunday which was unusual, but it was packed as always and great fun - I wish they allowed dogs, but can understand why they don't. 
Some of my favorite things:
Spoon Guy - actually, he's officially John Weyer of Weyer Works from Sperry Iowa. You know it's got to be getting away from Iowa's winter that really motivates this guy, but his spoons and other kitchen implements are wonderful. Each year I get something and every spoon has the date and Mr. Weyer's initials on the back. They are great to cook with and are beautiful to look at. This year, I purchased smallish spoon and large spatula - Mr. Weyer informed me they are both made of hickory. They have to be hand washed, but it's worth it. The wood is from Iowa and is air-dried seven years before being shaped. His literature says he's been doing this for 32 years. 

I liked the poster this year and think it's great that a local artist is selected - the artist is Susan Rand. 

It was great to get out and do something in near perfect weather. We're lucky like that in Pensacola, it's such a great place for festivals and all other sorts of outdoor activities that there is almost no weekend that there isn't something to do. There were tons of people at the festival never mind that we had a hurricane on the way. Who cares - we're used to it, go figure - it's November and still within the dates for the season... so ... we get ready .. hurricane (thankfully) turned into a tropical storm - it's rainy, it's windy and that's that.

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