21 November 2009


We have an annual event in Pensacola sponsored by the Junior League. It's a nice little Christmas sale with vendors of typical banal, but occasionally very nice, things. I went looking for more German enameled Christmas ornaments, but there were none - boo. It's always strange for me to go to places like that because the people that are there all like things that are just at the point of going past the peak of being new/different/interesting. Take monograms for example; this crazy shows up every so many years and then everyone monograms everything - it has gone beyond normal. I know what my initials are - I don't need to be reminded. 
Several other random thought:
People who are obese take up a good deal of space at shows like these and I find that annoying. That said, what I find disturbing is obese people's teenage children are heading down the same road. Maybe it's hereditary, but they are certainly not helping their children in any meaningful way. Sad.
When I was a girl (got to hate starting a sentence that way), girls who were chubby wore clothes that distracted from that. Now girls don't seem to care if they have muffin top - they just dress like - well... you get the picture. Again sad. 
In general there are two types of people, based on said audience at MarketBasket, very well heeled, but over made up or one to many turns with the plastic surgeon or country come to town. Were is the middle? I wish I knew. 

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