15 April 2010

Cook the Book: Round One

Okay, I've seen the cook the book idea many times, most especially with Bread Baker's Apprentice and Tuesday with Dorie, but I've decided to try it with Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it (needs shorter title - shall now to be abbreviated to JPC). I'll pick one (or two) things from each chapter and give it a try.
Here's the list - at least for now:

Chapter = Selection
Munch it = Breadsticks
Bottle it = ?
Brine it = Stuffed Olives (for MotH)
Noodle it = Pasta Dough/Ravoioli
Hook it = oops, not so much
Hunt it = sausage patties (I think)
Milk it = Butter - this might be first
Jam it = Apple butter
Sugar it = Toaster Tarts
Freeze it = ?
Unwrap it = Toffee
Drink it = Limencello

I've not looked at any of the recipes in details, so I could be heading for disaster. I haven't picked anything from Bottle it because there is more than one recipe I want to try. Freeze it... none sounds good. Hook it...well there's the inevitable death thing that might be an issue.
When will this start  - not sure -- perhaps this month.

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