02 August 2010

Everything Austen II - Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict - Laurie Viera Rigler

Summary: Jane Mansfield, after an apparent spill from a horse, wakes up in 21st century Los Angeles. She doesn't understand anything modern, nor does she recognize herself – and the clothes! What lady would wear such things – deplorable! One recognizable thing is the works of one of her favorite authors, Jane Austen.

There is also freedom, making her own decisions (w/out the all controlling mother), but also memories of her own family who would be, if the calendar could be believed to be 2009, dearly departed from this world.  Even the man she thought she loved, Edgeworth, would be long dead. She has friends here whom she does not recognize and a former fiancĂ© (jerk) as well. And then there is enigmatic Wes. What does Jane think of him and what does Courtney know of him? And how is that certain memories come through that aren't really her's but Courtney's. Who and what can she trust to maneuver around this new world? Is Jane better off in the 21st century or would it be better to return to what she knows – if she can?
Jane Mansfield (love the name) has it way worse than Courtney Stone (Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict), if you ask me, excepting the discovery of one of our times greatest inventions - hot water showers (any of you been through a hurricane?).
After having read Ms.. Rigler's earlier book Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, I knew I was in for a great story. So many things for Jane to learn and manage and, alone to a large degree, really. Immediately Jane has to put past her ideas of decorum and try to decide who to trust. Wes, Anna, and Paula are all apparently Courtney's friends, but not exactly friendly with each other  - that much is apparent.
Again, the story of Courtney's (Jane's) very complicated life is revealed to the reader and Jane at the same time. I enjoy that because it gives you time to understand a character better. So too do I enjoy Jane's delight in realizing that there are 6 novels by Miss Austen – what a delicious treat for someone who knew of only 2 novels.
I shall not go into all the wonderful discovers and surprises Jane goes through as Courtney, but they are numerous, scary sometimes. and a great freedom for Jane. Vodka seems much appreciated. How lovely.
Deepa, a relatively new acquaintance, is a lovely character that I would like to see more of – genuine, caring and always ready with some pretty steady advice – much like the shape- and time-shifting fortune teller who is a help in Jane's (and Courtney's) confusion.
Frank, Courtney's ex-finance is a jerk and deserves little mention because we all know guys like him don't we??
Now, Wes, our Wes. I'll leave it to you, but let's just say that sometimes nice, decent, loveable guys do finish first.
Bravo Laurie! Loved it!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! Of the two it is my favorite! Jane was very endearing!

  2. Sorry! Looks like my husband was using my laptop! LOL!

  3. I read Laurie's Confessions and really enjoyed it. I've been looking for an excuse to buy this one as well, and now I have it.


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