15 August 2010

Jackalope's Saloon - Our first visit, and it won't be our last.

Jackalope's Saloon
It has 4 4-top tables and seats 10 at the bar (which if you do the math is more that the maximum occupancy of 25). It doesn't open until 6:00pm, but by 7:00pm it's almost full. The floor moves when you walk (expected in an old house), there is bead board walls and bead board ceilings. It's the most narrow restaurant I think I've been (excepting in New Orleans), but feels spacious. It makes me think I'm in New Orleans - our first visit and I loved it. The decor is red walls, rose garlands, statues of our Lady, skulls, and Jackalopes of course. There are paintings and black cats, portraits of dogs, lots of candles, funky chandeliers, and some paintings of scantily clad women ... probably something that would put people off here, but I guess most of us have been to New Orleans enough that this doesn't seem to put anyone off - I loved it personally and it didn't seem to bother anyone who ventured in. 
The menu focuses on Tex Mex, but also has sandwiches and some vegan options too -- that's always a good thing to see. Not that I'm vegan, but I think variety is good thing if you can do it well. They have a small kids menu which is always a good idea. The have a good variety of beers with several of them largely tied to the Tex Mex theme and seem to be carrying a couple of wines at a time. Our beer of choice for the evening - Sol. 
One of the interesting things that caught me totally off guard - it is a cash only restaurant -- I didn't know anything was cash only any more, but we managed (thankfully, they would take a local check and I actually had checks in my purse - astonish me.). That said, several men were sent off to get cash from the closest drug store that gives cash back... it was funny. I guess no one carries cash any more. 
The interesting thing to me was the diverse customers. We were there first so we were able to get photos and talk with Wendy (one of the owners). We just happened to ask did they draw most of their customers from the community, which is an older up scale neighborhood. She said, right now it's a mix of new people (like us) and regulars from the neighborhood. That's got to be a good sign. Next an older gentleman and his wife sat at the bar with us - a first visit for them as well, next to them at the bar was a guy in his mid-twenties, a repeat customer, who spent the majority of his time texting between bites of a great looking quesadilla. Three customers in the 60's came and sat at "their" table. Each Wendy knew by name and were shown the new wine that Jackalope's had in that week that goes well with Tex-Mex food. Then a young family was added to the mix and another middle aged couple. Finally, next to us sat two neighbors of the owners who live on the other side of town - that's a fair drive to make. Our drive wasn't short, but was easy and we'll be making it again. MotH got the chips and salsa (our only disappointment, as the salsa didn't seem to be made on site), and a pulled pork burrito. It was beautiful and excellent at the same time. I had chips with queso and made a total pig of myself (and enjoyed it immensely). 
My plan for next time is either a quesadilla or an order of pulled pork nachos. Either way, I'll bet they are going to be good. 

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  1. This restaurant reminds me of New Orleans. I lived in TX for 12 years where there were jackalopes running all over the place. I thought that was their only range. Live and learn.


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