04 September 2010

First Hummingbird ...

I had my first hummingbird in the garden this evening. Of course, I didn't have a dang camera, but I expect he will be back. He found the purple hyacinth vine flowers very interesting. Yipee - hummers... 

The flowers of the vine are impressive, but I love the pod even more. This year's plant just sort of showed up from seeds from last year. They are tough vines. They start of with the first few leaves kind of raggedy, but that's no big deal. It's vigorous, so it needs something tough to grow on - I use our six foot chain link fence and I still have to keep it in check from taking on the roof line of the house. Great vine though -- just lovely. And ... hummers.... Next time I'll get a picture of the little bugger.

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  1. When I lived in Maryland, I had a garden to rival Pemberley's. (That might be an exaggeration.) We lived on a hill and terraced it. It was great, and then we moved to AZ. No more song birds--no more dogwoods--no more lots of stuff. But I do have hummingbirds! Love the little dears. Hope you get your picture.


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