05 December 2010

It is December 5th and what did I find growing in my garden ...

December Tomato
Tomatoes - yep, that's right. I had no idea that the remnant of a tomato plant that I thought had long been singing with the great choir invisible is still in production even though we've had three (count them, three) nights where it's been below freezing. 
How am I to explain this? Neglect, pure and simple. I figured it was dead but hadn't take the trouble to pull it or the basil or zinnias out of the ground yet. So my reward is my first ever and probably last December tomato.
December Tomatoes
Surprise ... there were two more when I went to pick the first one. I plan on letting them ripen on the counter (which I have to do w/all tomatoes no matter what time of year because of the mockingbirds) and see what they taste like. They are certainly not beautiful, but a lovely surprise nonetheless. 

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