01 January 2011

First, First of the Month Photos - January edition

Oak - 1 January 2011
I'm starting to document the changes in the garden at the beginning of each month, thanks to a lovely (I do think I over use that word), idea from MotH. So here are our lovely (there it is again) back yard plants, all replacements, excepting the oak and wisteria, from after Hurricane Ivan (2004). It's a typical Gulf Coast winter day. Currently 66 degrees with rain and a good bit of humidity all day today, but at least it is not freezing. So, now -- on with the wet 1st of January 2011 pictures.
Bald Cypress - 1 January 2011

River Birch #1 - 1 January 2011

River Birch #2 - 1 January 2011

Wisteria - 1 January 2011

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