29 January 2011

Recipe Wrap up - 28 January 2011

I go through many blogs and a few magazines each week to find recipes that interest me. This all got me to started thinking about how I filter things out because it's easily possible to be overwhelmed ... especially when you're hungry. So what makes the cut? I'm going to try and document it so I see what I think looks good and what I end up making. This will be an interesting experiment. 
28 January 2011

Bacon & Gruyere Scones
A Cozy Kitchen dished up something, that to me, is only slightly less than an amazing thought. Bacon and Gruyere Scones that seem to die for, but how do you limit the things that you can make in a weekend? It's just too hard - I need more time to cook/bake apparently. Need to stop working and start cooking (more). Once again wishing I did not have to limit my list.
Mac n Bleu Cheese
Pro Bono Baker -- love that name and the blog banner fits  -- has actually come up with a mac & cheese that will make me do something different from my mom's recipe. It seems like a perfect dinner - Macaroni and Bleu Cheese with Figs and Rosemary. Sounds amazing lovely. 

Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes
Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes from gimmesomeoven.com.  This is on the list for this weekend since the Boy loves all things cookie and cream. Hopefully, he'll like these (no doubt really), but I also have the advantage of taking snacks to the office, where things mercifully disappear.
Lemon Pie Cookies from Claire Robinson. I'm not a huge fan of much on the Food Network lately and end up deleting most shows without watching much, if any, of them. This episode of 5 ingredient fix was an exception and I'm looking forward to making a few dishes from "Truck Stop Gourmet" despite myself this weekend.
Choc Chunk Cookie

Baking Bites - Yet another sweet addition to the list is a variation on the chocolate chip cookie that uses only brown sugar. From Baking Bites, may I present, Brown Sugar Chocolate Chunk Cookies. If you are interested in baking in general, this is a great site to check out. 

Polenta cakes
It's a Canadian site and I suppose you can't hold that against someone, but some how... Either way this did coincide with my fixation on polenta which has recently appeared out of no where. So here is the simple way to do it. 

Another savory bit of excellence ... from one of the funniest food bloggers I read. Thursday Night Smackdown is just the best. Most of the recipes look so complicated, but this must be a total improvement on what I've done in the past. Yum. Hummus. 

Baked Ziti
Finally for the week, one of those labor intensive recipes from America's Test Kitchen. I love them, don't get me wrong, but I need someone to do the dishes after I'm done, but I don't have, um, anyone to help in that department. Either way, this recipe - Baked Ziti - was so interesting that it will be part of the menu for the upcoming week (it's worth it to join for the recipes and everything else). 

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