16 February 2011

Austen Blogs I Enjoy

A modern Miss Austen*
I have a list of Austen and Austen-related blogs that I read on a regular (daily) basis. Sometime last year I wrote about contemporary Austen-fiction writers that I enjoyed (read that here) because I did not have a chance to express either to Miss Austen or Ms. Heyer how much I enjoy their work. That got me thinking about the blogs too. Books, fiction in particular, are one thing, but the blogs provide a different take on information - more and varied bits of info. Blogs, historical specifically, provide opportunities to think about things Regency, read samples of writing, find interesting bits of research information and historical context, and most importantly things that make you laugh and think.

I read a decent number of blogs about several different subjects, Miss Austen being one of my favorite subjects. Blogs provide me with lots to think about in Miss Austen's writing, her time period, her era's social customs and how different those are from our customs. I get to learn things, agree with authors, and laugh at people who don't quite get the Austen thing.

These are my current favorites devoted to Miss Austen:
Austen Blog - Margaret Sullivan
Austenprose - Laurel Ann
Austen Inspired Fan Fiction - Mary Lydon Simonsen
First Impressions - Alexa Adams
Jane Austen Today - Vic
Jane Austen Sequels - Jane Odiwe
Jane Austen Addict -Laurie Viera Rigler

Blogs also link people of like mind (to some degree) together in a community. That's a good thing. I plan on putting together a listing of family farm blogs, cooking blogs, and literature blogs that I enjoy in the future. 

*Photo credit: Theo Westenberg

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