26 February 2011

Spring seems to be ... um...

... here. 
It's 72˚outside and sunny with a slight breeze and yes, this is still February. This week several other things beyond temperature have started to show that spring is certainly on its way. Here are the signs so far. Let's hope no late freeze messes this up. 
This is a lovely purple Clematis that's been in the ground only a year (need to find the name - again).

Daylily sprouting
Most of my daylilies stay during the winter, but I have a few that die down and then come back. It will be time to be on aphid patrol soon. That seems to be a problem when they first sprout, but this does not cause any lasting damage. 

Out the back door - a beautiful purple when it blooms

One of two hydrangeas in pots that will be put into the garden this year.

Lady Banks Rose
First bloom and new leaves on the Lady Banks Rose. Thank goodness it has no thorns since I had to squeeze through many vines to get this photos. Lady Banks only blooms once, but for three to four weeks it's stunning. 

One of the heritage roses I have in the front garden. It's right under the Clematis. They are good friends. 

I have three strawberry pots and keeping the birds away from the strawberries as they mature is a total PITA, but worth it for the Boy. I don't eat them. 

This violet was here when we moved here and spreads easily in the shady parts of the garden. Some consider them weeds, but I don't. 

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