05 March 2011

It's the book club I don't have

I've tried to get my friends to start a book club, but they are resistant. Seems my reputation as a food snob has informed my reputation as a reader of literary fiction (in particular Jane Austen). No one wants to read with me, even though I've explained that I would only pick the books on a rotating basis -- we would all get a turn. I would like to get more experience in contemporary fiction, which I don't have.  
I guess this is why I like the book challenges on the blogs so much. I feel like I'm reading things that like minded people are reading. Here are the reading challenges I'm in this year (so far):
Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival (here)
Being A Jane Austen Mystery Reading Challenge 2011 (here)
Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2011 (here)
Sense & Sensibility Bicentenary Challenge 2011 (here)

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