18 May 2011


May must be the cruelest month. I know T.S. Eliot said it was April, but he's wrong. I used to think that it was August because it's so damn hot and humid in August, but I have revised my decision and have labeled May as the "winner" in this contest. My poor sweet Siberian Husky went from being perfectly normal (for him) to perfectly blind in less than a week. There was nothing anyone could do to stop it or fix it. 

Now he wanders the house like he's lost and it's just about more than I can take. It's so unfair and so very very sad. I know life isn't fair. I say that all the time, especially to the Boy, but somehow this seems hateful. It's not like we can explain anything to him or to let him know we're going to take care of him. Damn. I'm sad, but I'm also angry. 

He's so stressed right now and running into things and getting stuck in places, not knowing how to get out. We read that this will improve over time, but right now, watching him circle and wander is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. Such beautiful blue eyes, but of no use. 

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