29 August 2011

Eggs Benedict & um, Ribs. Really?

One of the reasons, or perhaps the only real reason, I write in blog form is that it makes it easy for me to find things again. No matter if it's a name of a plant and when I planted or when it typically blooms or what I thought of a book (ie. should I read it again) or some recipe that I like and make often. This is the place that I can have both the words and pictures together. I'm hoping that eventually I will not need all my recipe books or garden journals, but can use this blog to keep up with things. Right now, it's serving its purpose. I needed the recipe I used to make hollandaise sauce to make Eggs Benny (too cutesy?), and guess where the easiest place to find it was? Right here. Just what I wanted.
I cannot even think about how many times I made this recipe after first reading it in Cook's Country magazine  - I stopped trying long ago to keep up with it, but it is just amazing to me that something that seems so complex can be made simple and still amazingly flavorful.
But you know, America's Test Kitchen has this way about them. I've read for about a hour this evening regarding ribs. I would like to cooks some on the grill next weekend and so I'm reading several parts of The Cook's Illustrated Guide to Grilling and Barbecue: A Practical Guide for the Outdoor Cook this evening. I'm trying to decide between the Texas Beef Ribs, the Baby Back Ribs, and the Short Ribs. Oh and BONUS, I found what I think will be my recipe of choice for German Potato Salad (chapter on sides). Lucky me. That's just one of my favorite things in the entire world. I really have no idea why that is, but it is. Right now, the Texas Beef Ribs are seriously in contention. That may change when I get to the store and look at costs, but what will be, will be. Looking forward to some ribs, with garlic bread, and german potato salad next weekend. Lucky me.

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