05 January 2012

If He's Wild - Hannah Howell

Summary: She sees his face everywhere… Lady Alethea Vaughn Channing is haunted by a vision of a man in danger-the same man who she has seen in dreams time and time again. She doesn't even know his name, and yet she feels the connection between them, knows she is the only one standing between him and disaster.
…Yet They Have Never Met
But rakish Lord Hartley Greville is capable of protecting himself, as he has proven more than once in his perilous work as a spy for the crown. If he's to carry out his duty, he'll need to put aside the achingly beautiful woman with the strange gift. And yet, when Alethea's visions reveal a plot that could endanger children, Hartley will not be able to ignore the destiny that binds them together-or resist the passion burning between them… (Source:Hannah Howell website)

Comments: It bares repeating that I still can't stand the titles of these books. I enjoyed this book a good deal, especially the inclusion of more of the Werelocke/Vaughn family members and returns of those who have made appearances in the previous two books in varying degrees. There is a central story of how Alethea needs to warn Hartley about her vision and an additional subplot of finding Hartley's missing niece and nephew that has boats going back and forth to France. We come to realize some in the Werelocke and Vaughn men work secretly for the British government to protect king and country. I keep harping on the family interest in these stories and how I enjoy them because so many times family or friends of the main characters seem to be an afterthought. There is again, in this book, strong, intelligent female characters that are independent, but not hoydenish.
I would certainly recommend reading these books in order. It certainly helped with this book since many characters from the others were spoken of or appeared in this story as well. Again, a for adults only book. Now on to what appears, though I hope not, to be the final Werelocke book.

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