29 February 2012

Taken by the Cowboy - Julianne MacLean

Summary: Former bounty hunter, expert gunslinger, and the toughest sheriff Dodge City has ever known, Truman Wade is a real man from the tip of his black Stetson right down to his spurs and leather boots. He's never met his match in a gunfight, but he's never met a gorgeous, gutsy woman from the twenty-first century either…
Newly single after a rocky breakup with her self-absorbed fiancé, newspaper columnist Jessica Delaney crashes her car in a lightning storm and soon finds herself dodging bullets in the Wild West. Before the night is out, she's tossed in jail for a murder she didn't commit, and if things don't seem complicated enough, the impossibly handsome sheriff in charge of her arrest has danger written all over him - and a sexy swagger to die for. Jessica knows she needs to get home, but when Sheriff Wade's enticing touch sets her passions on fire, she begins to wonder if fate has other plans for her, and soon she must choose between the life she longs for in the future… and the greatest love she's ever known. (source: Amazon)

Comments: Time travel, we all know it can't happen, but we like to suspend reality now and then. This is certainly an interesting take on it, in that while you travel time, you stay, roughly, in the same place. So you have your juxtaposition of a modern girl in the 1880s and how she must adjust just about everything to fit in in her new society - liking the changes or not. Jessica is out of her element, but is thankfully befriended by the town's attorney - he has a secret that helps him to understand Jessica's situation. 
Truman Wade is the strong, silent type, who eventually comes to realize that Jessica might be what he wants, but does she want him or her old life back.
One of the funny lines in the book was Jessica's thought that maybe Dodge was purgatory or hell..."But why the Wild West of all places? If God really wanted to punish her, He could have put her on The Bachelor." I would have to agree that reality TV certainly must be a ring in hell.

When Jessica is accused through the salacious paper of the town, there is total mob mentality in the town. Not a very complimentary portrait of people of this era - were they all really stupid in 1880s? I'd hope not.
The ending was a bit of a twist, even though I had an idea something strange would happen, the ending was different and enjoyable. 

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