15 April 2012

Our New Friend

Last year was horrible with the loss of my little (in comparison to Duke) Husky boy, but I now have a new friend... He's still a puppy and he has a lot to learn since he's going to be a therapy dog for me to take into hospitals and other places, but I am so pleased with our new friend - Hood.

He's half Border Collie, half Labrador Retriever and way too smart for his own good and way too smart for me too. He's 70 pounds and not even a year yet. I think Duke hates me at this point. They get along, but sometimes Duke looks at me and it's like why the hell did you do this to me? Groan - yes,  he's a very smart puppy. And yes, one eye is blue and one is brown and he has Border Collie ears  - too cute.

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