13 May 2012

Herb Gardens

I planted large planters of herbs this year - it was much easier than moving something to make room in the current herb garden. Here they are when they were first planted.
Sweet Basil and Flat Leaf Italian Parsley

German Thyme,  Common Sage, and Fernleaf Dill

And here they are just two short weeks later. Guess they like where they live and the water they have been given. 
Sweet Basil and Flat Leaf Parsley

German Thyme, Common Sage, & Fernleaf Dill
I have one more planter to set up which I did this weekend. And we'll see how it progresses. I expect good things. Oh, and the garlic chives that are in the garden bed are just about wild. They kind of look like long grass until they bloom. Lovely purple flowers.

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