20 July 2012


This first thing I did this morning after listening to NPR was make sure the Boy was home,
safe, asleep in his room. You see he worked last night. From 5:00pm - 1:00am (or possibly longer) at the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises. I wonder what his movie theater's plan is for something like this. Do they have enough (any?) security? I'm sure the more that comes out we'll see new rules in place in theaters, but that didn't happen for those killed and injured.

Up until now, my biggest worry was him coming home so late - you know - when only idiots are out at 2:00am. Nothing good happens at 2:00am. Or possibly what would they do if a tornado hit, but this ... it boggles the mind. I'm so very glad he's off today. Saturday night, I'll just hold my breath.

A prayer for all the families affected...

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