04 June 2013

Second Glances - Alexa Adams

Summary: A years has passed since the conclusion of "First Impressions," and the marriages made by the three eldest Bennet ladies are prospering. Expectations are high for the two youngest sister to do equally well. Kitty, having excelled in school, receives an invitation to join Georgiana Darcy in her first London season leaving Lydia to bear the burden of the classroom alone. Will the most forward Bennet tolerate such inequity?
Kitty arrives in London prepared to be happy, but her delight is marred when she finds a most unwelcome gentleman intimate terms with her hosts. She has met the reckless Sir James Stratton before and would like nothing more than to never encounter him again, but his acquaintance she is forced to endure. Struggling for firm footing amidst the whirlwind of London society, will Kitty be allowed to follow her heart, or will her family force her hand? Join the re imagined cast of "Pride and Prejudice" as they pursue happiness amidst the ongoing obstacles of life, love, and interfering relations.

Comments: Just prior to reading this book, I went back and re-read "First Impressions" and while that is in no means a requirement, it did bring me back to Ms. Adams lovely way with words. She has a gift for being expressive without over describing scenes and her dialogue is realistic and often quite funny. While there are conflicts in the story, they too make sense and are not drawn out angst ridden affairs - they make sense in the context of the story.

This is, largely, Kitty's story and it's nice to see her become a more three dimensional character and her own woman. She still is young, but you start to see the beginnings of a solid mind, practical common sense, but still tinged with some insecurities and a lack of experience in the "real" wold of London society. She's wary, as if afraid that a wrong move will ruin all her chances, and that is largely true.
I enjoyed seeing Lizzie and Darcy as guides for her and Georgianna as a confidante. You begin to understand a bit of Kitty through her interactions with them. Sir James Stratton is a bit of an odd bird - going his own way, which is much easier for a man, a titled, wealthy man at that, to do. It may be his own oddity that makes Kitty the most conscious.
I suppose there is only one part of the book that gives me pause. I think I would have liked Lizzie to pulled Kitty aside once, but perhaps it would have taken twice, to explain that first impressions are not always what you think.
A relaxing comfortable read, "Second Glances" is fun and entertaining. I look forward to what Ms. Adams has coming out next!

I received a copy of this book for an honest review. 


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