04 February 2010


Looking back at my recipe journal, it seems that on 28 August 2009, while in the midst of pickling more cukes than truly necessary and okra, and tomatoes, etc.  I considered pickling carrots... so maybe I did think about it a bit. Memory loss of most things pre new kitchen... as if.
Flavor Bible recommended some ideas for things that play well with carrots (I keep trying to add an extra t to carrotts  - a little more balanced it kinda works for me). Okay, flavors are: chili, coriander, cumin, dill, GINGER, LEMON, thyme.

Here's what I came up with: white wine vinegar, hot pepper (serrano), blk pepper, salt, garlic, mustard seed, lemon zest.
Perhaps we'll try a little bit of my ideas and the recipe I picked and see what we come up with...

What I really wish is I had some heirloom carrots -- burgundy, black, red... THAT would be cool.

photo: Americanfest.com

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