04 February 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (sorry - had to). Not that I care about football... but I do love me some commercials.

MENU (likely to be revised as I realize I've taking on too much as usual)

Cajun Popcorn*
Spinach / Artichoke Dip* w/ Stacey's pita chips "The hype is not unfounded."
Baked Brie
Sausage Balls
Gouda / Crackers (Gouda from MURRAY'S!) What?
Buffalo Dip *
Meatball/Marinara Slides with fries *
Hot Pepper Jelly / Cream Cheese (home made - the jelly, not the cream cheese)
Mini Cheesecake *

Need something with sun-dried tomatoes... will try to find something acceptable. 

* New

Shopping list is made and will be handled on Friday to avoid people...a goal I always have :)
Hopefully, will not add anything, but who knows... the Buffalo Bleu Cheese Slider looked good too...

Cajun Popcorn, Jenny McCoy
Spinach/Artichoke Dip, Kristen Swensson
Sliders, Publix
check out the links...they're good stuff.

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