25 March 2010

Glazed Lemon Cookies

Lemons - is there anything (no really anything) better than lemons - so versatile, so tart, so... yellow. Come on - lemons are wonderful. I'm not a fan of chocolate (gasp!) so desserts can be a little limiting, but I'll try almost anything lemon. Lately, Martha Stewart had a whole list of lemon desserts of which I printed about half a dozen really interesting ones. The first one I decided to make was the glazed lemon cookies. Let's just say they were a hit at the office (if not at home).

Desserts are difficult at home. I like to have things available for Emerson and Steve, but I'm thinking they don't care so much. And here's the deal - I don't want tons of sweets either, but I do like to try things - perhaps the homeless shelters would like experimental cookies... who knows.

That said, here's where you can find the recipe to some great! Glazed Lemon Cookies.

Comments from the Counter:
I used one regular lemon and one Meyer lemon - yum.
Zest from both lemons as well.

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