27 March 2010

Persuasion (2007)

I haven't written anything about this because I was so disappointed the first time I saw it and wanted to watch again to see if I was right on first appearances. Yep. I was right, sadly so. Rupert Penny-Jones makes a fine Captain Wentworth and isn't bad eye candy, but there are several problem not the least of which is the hour and a half run time - come the frig on - tell a story w/ any real feeling or sense in an hour and a half?? Not likely. That said, my biggest problem is the letter. It's the frigging letter from the book - how can you do this and screw up the one thing, that matters in the story? Unbelievable. Still can't get over the astonishment of that. Read the entire letter!!! (How do you know when you've put TOO many exclamation points behind something?) 

And then there is the running - there is no running in the book for Anne to find Wentworth, because he's just outside waiting to see if she comes to him - which of course she does, because, um who wouldn't? I do have to admit that the wedding present is a nice touch - but that's about it. It's a disappointment. Give me Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds any day of the week. They can't be topped - not until Persuasion is given the 4 hour treatment - any perhaps not even then.

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  1. I was horrified by the wedding present, as I was by the entire final fifteen minutes of this film. How on earth is Captain Wentworth's 20,000 going to buy Kellynch? Even if it is Mr. Elliot's unsellable patrimony? Other than that, I completely agree with you about this film. Have you ever seen the 1971 production?


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