08 May 2010

Beer Garden: Magic Hat Summer Wacko

Billed as a crisp summer beer, I had great hopes for Magic Hat Summer Wacko. There was also only one six pack left so I had to buy it even though it was Cinco de Mayo and save it for a few days. It was certainly cold enough, but the finish was just too sweet for me. "Big malty aroma," I get it and "a subdued hop bite" (as described on the website), but, "slightly sweet finish?" How about overly sweet finish - almost like maple syrup.  And for the love of pete, did it have to be pink?*
Okay maybe the over the top packaging should have given it away but different often times is better, but I was going for the "crisp summer beer" that I went for and I just don't think it was there. The front was nice, but it was the finish that did me in. 
Never know until you try - who knows when you'll find something that pleasantly surprises you. 

* I did not know it was pink until I was um, pouring the last bit out - so it has no impact on my thought. Besides, I rather like pink. 

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