10 May 2010

Daylilly Day - 10 May 2010

First Daylillys of the year - at least for me. This seems really late to me, but I'll check the books and see what I have*.  They opened early this morning so they are not quite at their best at 6:00pm, but finally the first one. I have hundreds of daylilies and know not a single name - I'm not that type of gardener -- there are some plants I bother learning the botanical name, but not many - maybe that's a new project for me... Like I need another one. 
I have daylilies that sprout baby plants off their stems when they bloom - proliferations. It's a super easy way to increase your population easily. I also have decent luck planting the little black seeds and I've never needed to refrigerate them - that seems silly for a plant grown on the gulf coast.  Other things in the garden (top to bottom, duh): Stokesia, low roses (Katy Road I think), Oregano in the Herb Garden

*4/15/2008; 4/8/2009

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