01 June 2010

Getting Back in the Kitchen...

Haven't written here recently - been occupied with my other more unfortunate new journal in a vain (and possibly silly) attempt to feel better (BTW - it's not helping). But will have to Keep Calm and Carry On. Made dinner for the first time since the 15th of May. That's a long damn time to be out the kitchen and it showed. M-i-L came over - that was a plan on my part to make sure I didn't back out at the last minute. Made a new pasta sauce recipe from America's Test Kitchen ** that I doubled (I like lots of sauce) and added mushrooms as well.  Just a caesar salad with bread and spaghetti. MotH said it would be a good base sauce for homemade pizza (guess that's a hint). 
I still felt out of place and pressured and just jangled. Thank goodness for the MotH - I don't know what I would do w/out him.

** It's worth joining their website... really. 
May 31, 2010

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