06 June 2010

Nice Lunch at the Oar House

Sometimes, you take a day off and enjoy yourself before the oil comes and, um, basically ruins everything (Yes, I'm talking to you BP). 
So here's my idea of a nice lunch on a day when you don't have to do anything or care about anything either. MotH and I had a nice corner table on the most western part of the deck over Bayou Chico. It was breezy, but not annoyingly so and we were in the shade  - pretty perfect seats in my opinion. The beer arrived and we ordered our late lunch.
It's fun to people watch and boat watch - esp. for boats with creative names. I just don't think I could own a boat because I would never quite find the right name for it and it would just be embarrassed to be out there in the water with a sub-par name. There are the occasional dogs on boats which is nice too. The Oar House allows pups in their outside eating area (basically the front bar side near the beach volleyball courts) and that's a cool thing to do. Though the list of rules involved for allowing pups is about as long as a politician's speech.... blah blah blah. That said, it's progress for this little town that has to over think and over worry most things that would make their constituents happy, while bulldozing through large project that are fluid at best and likely to never end up how they were promised to us. I digress. 

So there were some (few) interesting boat names. Aqua holic, Jane says..., holy Spear-it.

There were also several curious boat out in the water that suspect have something to do with the impending destruction of our fishing, diving, and beach going fun. Now here's the thing. I don't fish - allergic to all seafood; I don't dive; and I don't much care to go to the beach - though we do have a beautiful beach. But BP still has me pissed off and the government isn't far behind on my list of groups to blame and label as stupid. Again, I digress. 

One of the best things about the Oar House --  and this has been going on as long as we've been going there. Even before the fire. There are three birds that hang out together and we always see each time we go - lunch or dinner - they just always there.  I call them the triumvirate (although the little white duck is female). 
Happy relaxing way to spend part of your day  - if fact, I could probably spend a whole day that way as long as it was with the MotH. 

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