15 June 2010

My two furry friends

I see them everyday and they both smell not so good, but they are the best dogs in the world (I know everyone says that about their animals, but in my case it's true). They are spoiled - amazingly so. Pnut butter, sure... little cheddar cheese - of course - perhaps even a little burger just for them - wouldn't surprise me. They also like pineapple - fresh of course. 
They shed - oh, boy do they shed. Both double coated dogs and one that should technically living in the Arctic north, not on the Gulf coast. So occasionally, but no where near often enough, either I or the MotH furminate them. Yes, furminate is a word and also the name of this amazing comb-like thing we purchased at least three and a half years ago. But this year, to this ritual, we added the big fan. 

Not only does it looks like it has snowed (some white snow, and some like London street snow color) in our backyard, it gently wafts throughout the neighborhood - everyone can share. Now big dog loves this - thinks it is just the cat's meow, but little dog - um... the one who needs it most - not so much. Either way, it has to be done to keep our sanity indoors (but there is plenty of fur in there too - what can you do - thank goodness for tile floors and hardwood). 
Either way, we're happy (most of the time - stop waking up so early on the weekends!) with the boys. Our handsome German Shepherd Dog and beautiful (blue-eyed) Siberian Husky. 

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