09 June 2010

BAM Fest 2010

MotH and I went to BAM Fest last weekend. Beer Art Music
$15.00 for a nice engraved flight glass for tastings of beer, tickets to purchase extra beer or wine in the bar, and a lovely blue bracelet to wear - I thought it was a good deal. Art was by Joe Hobbs - from whom I took a weekend glass blowing class (thanks to MotH for my birthday present a few years ago. Glass blowing is super hard work - don't let anyone kid you and make you think it's easy. It's sweaty, arm aching hard work.) Music was provided by Tanya Gallagher and Baylen.
BAM Fest was held at The Bridge Bar in Gulf Breeze just off the three mile bridge - you know - where the undercover (ha) Gulf Breeze Police sit catch speeders coming off the bridge. It's a small bar right on the water - very nice - a good selection of beers, but only 4 drafts (not sure how often/if they rotate) and a few wine selections as well. 
The interior was wood paneled (in a good way) and small - just a few interior tables, but nice windows that view westward over Pensacola Bay. There was a small deck as well with seating just over the water - again, not a large are, but fully taking advantage of its site on the water. The view, even on the less than perfect day, was lovely. 
On to the beer - it was set up under a tent just out back of the bar. I'll start with my biggest surprise of the afternoon. Ace Hard Cider - I have never been of fan of cider, though I admit I have tried a fair share when living in England, but this was light, refreshing, not too sweet (okay dry, I know), more like sparkling wine, but not - had much more of an apple taste -- just lovely. 
Gordon Biersch is a name I've heard before as the group that owns one of the restaurants we frequent in Jacksonville, Seven Bridges. We've enjoyed the beers at Seven Bridges, so I was not surprised when I enjoyed the Gordon Biersch Marzen. We'll be on the look out of this - esp. if we can find it on tap (probably if any where - at hop jacks). 
Sessions Lager is the kind of beer I like: Simple, clean, unpretentious, and tastes great cold. Another lager I'll be on the look out for. 
From the Choc line (since 1919), I really enjoyed the Black Lager (also know as a German Schwarzbier) called Miner Mishap. At 28 bitterness units and 5.3% alcohol, it was smooth and imminently drinkable. The very helpful representative of Pinnacle Imports gave some great hints on where to find the Choc beers. 

But my favorite beer of the afternoon was Victory Prima Pils. Served ice cold, it's refreshing, clean, and smooth. It's dry in the best possible way. Wow! 


  1. I used to live 15 minutes from Victory, and their beers are amongst my favorite. Glad you enjoyed the Prima!

  2. Now to only find it in stores around here - I have so research to do...


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