07 January 2011

Downton Abbey - Sunday, January 9th.

I am so looking forward to Sunday evening. The first episode of Downton Abbey will air on PBS. This was shown in the UK last fall and was so popular that a second season has been ordered. This is a Edwardian-era period drama of the lives of the family and the servants of Downton Abbey and stars some of my favorite actors including Hugh Bonneville (Lord Robert, Earl of Grantham), Elizabeth McGovern (his American (!!) wife, Countess of Grantham). Maggie Smith (Dowager Countess of Grantham)*, Dan Stevens (heir, Matthew Crawley), and Jim Carter (Mr. Carson), As Laurel Ann at Austenprose noted this is interesting considering that just two years ago, the BBC proclaimed the end of period dramas -- well, um, perhaps not.

Enchanted Serenity of Period Films has an interesting post on Downton Abbey's supposed downsizing for us ignorant Americans. It's worth a read. The Daily Mail is such a rag sometimes... ugh. Although sometimes things are cut to fit PBS, there appear to be only minor adjustments for this series for our viewing pleasure. As mentioned, I am anxiously looking forward to this - there is something in the description that makes me think of Remains of the Day,  but we'll see if that's accurate to any degree. I can't wait to post my comments on what I think of the first part of the series.

* I would hate to be a Dowager - blech, it just seems to be a position that is designed to stir up trouble, but perhaps I shall be proven wrong (I hope not!).

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