09 January 2011

Best Winter Time Investment ... ever.

The MotH and I like to sit outside after work and have a beer or two, discuss the day, or not. Plan for the weekend (usually) and general just enjoy being outside, watching for birds, and giving the dogs some exercise before we go in for the evening. 
Let me say this is not always conducive to making dinner, but the MotH does not seem to mind those evenings, but there are a few things that work really well for evenings like this - take out and left overs come to mind or weekend cooking which is often how I spend a Sunday (like today). 
$ well spent
Either way, one thing that has helped our outside time this year was a small investment that makes it tolerable for me to be out in the winter even if it brings on the indignation of those with a real winter: Our propane heater.  I love this thing. I suppose we'll only need it for 4 or so months, but it has already proven itself invaluable (at least to me). 

Dead Presidents well spent. 

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