16 August 2011

Happy Birthday Georgette Heyer

Happy Birthday to the woman that epitomizes Regency Romance. With her detailed knowledge of the period, she deftly and humorously weaves a tale complete with romance, intrigue, suspense, wit, and humor. Her characters are realistic and thankfully flawed. Her first novel, the Black Moth, was written when she was just 19 years old. This was the first book of Mrs. Heyer that I read and I was hooked. Her list of Georgian and Regency Historical Romance is just about a mile long and I've worked my way though about half. So far nothing as replaced my top pick yet (The Devil's Cub), but there are plenty of books to be read.

Now, to celebrate Mrs. Heyer's birthday, all her ebooks at on sale for $1.99 until 21 August. I have some shopping to do.

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