11 February 2012

Highlander's Prize - Mary Wine

Summary: Beautiful Clarrisa is sent to Scotland to marry the king, but is soon thwarted by the handsome Laird Broen MacNichols. For Broen, Clarrisa becomes far more than a kidnapped prize. Sparks fly as he enjoys sparring with the intelligent and independent-minded lady from York. Captive turns captor when Broen loses his heart and risks everything to keep Clarissa for himself. (Source: Netgalley)

Comments: The objectification of women is never more prominent than when done by the Scots, unless it's when it's done by the English. Clarrisa is just an object to be used, but even though she's raised in a fashion that makes her acutely aware of her status as a bastard only worth marrying off for money, she finally breaks free of that upbringing to become independent-minded and tough.
The story was paced nicely and the main characters were believable. My one quibble with the book was the late edition of many characters which was a bit of puzzle to keep up with. Overall, a nice story for mature audiences.

BTW - where do they get these covers - ugh. 

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