05 February 2012

Super Bowl means a party just for the commercials

While the Boy is quite interested in the game, the MotH and I prefer to watch the commercials unless something interesting happens in the game. It's definitely the second food holiday of the year, the first being New Year's Day. Up next the Valentine's food holiday and more chocolate than you can think of - yuck.
Spicy Brazil Nuts - I'm just going to wing it on this.
Spinach Dip - for the Boy - he has been know to make sandwiches with this, yes, disgusting.
California Garlic Bread - so decadent and only for special occasions or I'd be a blimp.
Citrus Couscous - new, but have some ideas to change the recipe to incorporate an older couscous recipe I have.
German Potato Salad - new, because I like it.
Carmel Corn - new, it's a little sweet, but hopefully, not too much.
M&M Cookies - maybe, if I get to it. 
We'll just see how it goes. 

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